The brush is easy to use

But you first have to get handy with it. It takes 2 or 3 dog’s before you know how it works well.

The brushing device must be plugged onto your hover (it fits always).

The hair will be aspirated in order to brush it and all the hair, dirt and dandruff will go directly into the hover.

An extra 2,5 m nozzle will be delivered with your device, so that you can place the hover further away.

We recommend using the brush in combination with the vacuumcleaner, but it does work without the vacuumcleaner.


If you use the brush correctly (if you do not push the brush to the skin) it feels for the animal like being tickled….


On our facebook you can find several other video’s of the brush. Not only made by us, but also by our happy customers.



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