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Automatic dog brush including brush belt, safety chip!, charger (suitable for your country), flexible extension hose, with conical connector to fit every vacuum cleaner, and storage box. For more information scroll down. Delivery time 1 – 2 weeks

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We give 2 years Warrantee + Life time service!

We also give 4 weeks probation time: When you buy it, you may really try it for 4 weeks in order to get handy with it. If you are not satisfied, just send it back and we will refund you your money.

The Auto Dog Brush has a safety chip inside! Whenever the brush feels that the pulling is more then a severe matt requires it stops! So when there is to much hair at the same time in the brush, or a tail or your scarf, it stops automatically. After that you simply have to put it off and on again to be able to proceed.


Before you start using the brush for the very first time, you first have to fully charge it with the adapter we deliver (suitable for your country). When the blue light is off it is fully charged. The battery reaches its full capacity after being charged about 5 times. It can be charged 2000 times and depending on how very matted a coat is, it can last 4-6 hours. (If a coat is severely matted it will cost more energy ofcourse)

The very first time the brushbelt will be like a new hard broom. After 10 minutes it will brush more easily. We have experienced that you can brush every day a matted dog with the same brushbelt for over 2,5 years and it still does the job.

The Auto Dog Brush is thoroughly tested by CE, FCC and UL

UL flametest NofA-4787355477-Apr-27-2016

UL NofA-4787104570-Dec-21-2015

FCC certificate

certificate of compliance

We have patent pending (PCT/NL2014/050463)

Here you can see a few video’s about how to use the Auto Dog Brush to get the best results :


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